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Impact Leadership Network

Many financial services firms give their representatives the opportunity to build their businesses independently. How many provide the needed resources, education, administrative support, and mentorships to help them get there?
As an Impact Leadership Network representative, you instantly receive the backing of the employees at our locations in St. Petersburg, FL, Cedar Rapids, IA, Los Angeles, CA, and Johns Creek, GA. Here, you are not alone but a part of a large team that is working to help clients make financial decisions that can positively impact their futures.
With the support and resources available through TFG, as well as the assistance available through your team members, focusing on the daily activities to keep your business running - including finding new clients, overseeing operations, developing marketing ideas, and remaining current with compliance issues - is simple. You have the chance to focus on building your business and serving your clients.
  • Impact Leadership Network, is a full-service, fully licensed, independent Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory firm that has served its clients for more than two decades. 
  • Impact Leadership Network regularly reviews and updates product offerings and technology to better serve its clients and representatives. 
  • Impact Leadership Network's focus on creating, growing and managing wealth through a range of financial products and services. The company’s vision is to enhance the present and future economic well-being of its clients and representatives. 
Impact Leadership Network brings investment and professional money management services previously reserved for the very wealthy to middle-income families. Unlike many financial services firms, TFG’s representatives and third-party money managers accept accounts with less than a six-figure investment, allowing Registered Representatives* and Investment Advisor Representatives* to offer these important products and services to middle-income families.​
ILN works with a team of some of the most well-known product providers and third-party money managers in the industry, giving its representatives the ability to choose appropriate products and services for their clients’ financial circumstances. With the vast options, these representatives have at their disposal, clients can be confident that they will be armed with the knowledge, products, and services that can help them weather economic change.
  • Outsourced Asset Management
    Our relationships with leading-edge firms help us deliver innovative solutions for your clients.

  • Marketing Services
    ILN hosts a variety of seminars supported by local leadership, third-party money managers, and TFG executives that include approved presentations, advertising, and marketing materials.

  • Comprehensive Client Solutions
    Our affiliated companies give you access to a full range of solutions in nearly every sector of financial services.

  • Compliance and Supervisory Support
    ILN’s supervisory structure, which consists of local branch managers and home office staff, streamlines burdensome and time-consuming compliance functions into more simplified processes to help you build your business.

  • Leadership Training and Mentoring Programs
    ILN  has some of the most dynamic leaders in the industry, who are ready to offer you a hand to become the best that you can be.





  "Create a generation of people who are disciplined and wise with their money"  


Too many families are being overlooked because most financial service firms focus primarily on the wealthy. Left to fend for themselves, the average American family is up against staggering odds without the help of a trusted financial representative.


The focus of our company is to provide households with information, tools, and strategies to help them make good and informed financial decisions. Through our relationships with some of the most respected financial services companies in the world, we help our clients understand their needs and clarify their options.

At Impact Leadership Network, we are driven by our desire to help the American family get into a better, stronger financial position.

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  "Help our associates build strong enduring businesses that provide a great quality of life" 


Help our associates build strong enduring businesses that provide a great quality of life

Enduring business success can only be built upon strong core values. Your business and our company will prosper according to our honesty, integrity, and commitment to do what is right.

Many of us wish we could be business owners and better control our time, income and work environment. Yet, too often we lack the experience, resources, and confidence to do this successfully. To overcome this, Impact Leadership Network provides quality professional training, mentoring and a proven business system.

Overall, our goal is to provide a quality opportunity that will strengthen the homes and families of our teammates.

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 Create a customized strategy to protect the finances of our clients and their families

Implement critical education through various financial services and products

 Offer our clients insurance protection, retirement strategies,  and financial planning 

Educate individuals, families, and business owners with financial advice so they will thrive in their financial future

Provide estate planning, business solutions, and financial planning

for our clients best interest 

Suggest all available options for our clients to achieve financial independence

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